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02 Mar 18 07:08
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I have a minifilter driver registered to the file system. It is loaded perfectly. I wanted to attach the mini filter instance to all the volume in the system and also when new volume appears on the system. For this I thought I can registered a callback function PFLT_INSTANCE_SETUP_CALLBACK during filter registration. And in the callback call I return success blindly. My understanding is my mini filter driver should attach to all the volumes. But it doesn't attach. It attaches only if I give attach command from fltmc. also flag filed as part of callback function should reflect the same data what I have given in registry..But I always get 5 in my case. Am I doing something wrong or is there any additional stuffs that needs to done or checked? Vidhya
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02 Mar 18 11:03
Peter Viscarola
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My best advice would be to post your question to our NTFSD forum... that's where the file system people hang out. Peter OSR @OSRDrivers
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05 Mar 18 00:45
Join Date: 01 Apr 2008
Posts To This List: 85

Thanks Peter. I have posted my other doubts in the same line in that group. Hope I get the response.
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