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On-Access, Transparent, Per-File Data Encryption:

OSR's File Encryption Solution Framework (FESF) provides all the infrastructure you need to build a transparent file encryption product REALLY FAST.

Super flexible policy determination and customization, all done in user-mode. Extensive starter/sample code provided.

Proven, robust, flexible. In use in multiple commercial products.

Currently available on Windows. FESF for Linux will ship in 2018.

For more info:

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07 Dec 17 06:18
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Hi! I need to read the whole file in the minifilter driver. For now I need it in the post-create callback, but I plan to sometimes do it in the pre-read callback. For windows 8+ I want to use FltCreateSectionForDataScan, but the driver should work on windows 7 as well. As far as I understand after looking at the code of FltCreateSectionForDataScan, it is an extended version of FsRtlCreateSectionForDataScan, with some additional IRP queuing mechanism to avoid access problems on the file, for which the section is created. I don't care about this that much, since I actually want to lock the file until I process it, so on windows 7 I would just opt in for the FsRtl-function. The problem I am trying to understand is what is the line "Important The FsRtlCreateSectionForDataScan routine should only be used in cases where a handle to the file object specified in the FileObject parameter has not yet been created (typically while processing a post-create operation)" on MSDN means. It makes me think that actually I shall implement the following: 1) if FltCreateSectionForDataScan is available, use it; 2) if FO_HANDLE_CREATED is set in the post-create, or if i am in the pre-read, then use ObOpenObjectByPointer + ZwCreateSection on the file object; 3) if FO_HANDLE_CREATED is not set in the post-create, then use FsRtlCreateSectionForDataScan. Does it make sense, or did I miss some scenarios/possibilities? Thanks!
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Today 15:34
Scott Noone
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<QUOTE> 1) if FltCreateSectionForDataScan is available, use it; </QUOTE> Yes <QUOTE> 2) if FO_HANDLE_CREATED is set in the post-create, or if i am in the pre-read, then use ObOpenObjectByPointer + ZwCreateSection on the file object; </QUOTE> FO_HANDLE_CREATED won't be set in post-create. The handle can't be created until the create request completes. And what's the point of doing this in pre-read? Why not wait until post-read? -scott OSR @OSRDrivers
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