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30 Nov 17 03:27
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Image loaded with NoChange set

I'm injecting a dll (bad I know) using kernel APCs (undocumented I know) on a 64-bit system into a WOW64 process. The dll injects fine, as it does with straight 32 or 64-bit applications but for some reason with WOW64, NoChange is set in page protections. When I attempt to use ZwProtectVirtualMemory to change protections to READWRITE in order to provide some fixups, it fails with c0000045 (STATUS_INVALID_PAGE_PROTECTION). I'm curious why NoChange would be set in WOW64 for this injected dll and more importantly, how I can prevent it from being set. Or, while it would defeat the purpose of the flag in the first place, if there is any way to remove it? VAD @ ffffe000722ddbe0 Start VPN 742d0 End VPN 742dc Control Area ffffe0007453f650 FirstProtoPte ffffc0006cf6a790 LastPte ffffc0006cf6a7f0 Commit Charge 4 (0n4) Secured.Flink 0 Blink 0 Banked/Extend 0 File Offset 0 ImageMap ViewShare NoChange EXECUTE_WRITECOPY 0: kd> dt ffffe000722ddbe0 _MMVAD_SHORT nt!_MMVAD_SHORT +0x000 VadNode : _RTL_BALANCED_NODE +0x000 NextVad : (null) +0x018 StartingVpn : 0x742d0 +0x01c EndingVpn : 0x742dc +0x020 StartingVpnHigh : 0 '' +0x021 EndingVpnHigh : 0 '' +0x022 CommitChargeHigh : 0 '' +0x023 SpareNT64VadUChar : 0 '' +0x024 ReferenceCount : 0n0 +0x028 PushLock : _EX_PUSH_LOCK +0x030 u : <unnamed-tag> +0x034 u1 : <unnamed-tag> +0x038 EventList : 0xffffe000`72d15860 _MI_VAD_EVENT_BLOCK 0: kd> dt ffffe000722ddbe0+0x30 _MMVAD_FLAGS nt!_MMVAD_FLAGS +0x000 VadType : 0y010 +0x000 Protection : 0y00111 (0x7) +0x000 PreferredNode : 0y000000 (0) +0x000 NoChange : 0y1 +0x000 PrivateMemory : 0y0 +0x000 Teb : 0y0 +0x000 PrivateFixup : 0y0 +0x000 ManySubsections : 0y0 +0x000 Spare : 0y000000000000 (0) +0x000 DeleteInProgress : 0y0
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