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10 May 17 23:03
Rajendra Kumbhar
Join Date: 12 Jul 2010
Posts To This List: 23
Probable bug in FltParseFilenameInformation

Hi All, We have a minifilter driver which queries file path information in Pre-Create callback. While constructing file path, we call FltParseFilenameInformation API to parse the components. Due to old MS bug, we check the parent directory sub-path in share path. But while doing this the system gets crashed. We analyzed the crash dump came to conclusion that: When call FltParseFilenameInformation API to parse this file path, length member of ParentDir is too high(-ve is have considered signed number). Have anyone come across similar kind of bug on Windows Server 2008? From crash dump analysis: 1: kd> vertarget Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista Kernel Version 6002 (Service Pack 2) MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible Product: Server, suite: Enterprise TerminalServer Built by: 6002.18327.x86fre.vistasp2_gdr.101014-0432 Machine Name: Kernel base = 0x8343c000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x83553c70 1: kd> dt 0xb3497f44 _FLT_FILE_NAME_INFORMATION -b fltmgr!_FLT_FILE_NAME_INFORMATION +0x000 Size : 0n64 +0x002 NamesParsed : 0n15 +0x004 Format : 2 +0x008 Name : _UNICODE_STRING "\Device\Mup\;LanmanRedirector\;Z:0000000000126563\fs\public\" +0x000 Length : 0n120 +0x002 MaximumLength : 0n120 +0x004 Buffer : 0xb3497f88 "\Device\Mup\;LanmanRedirector\;Z:0000000000126563\fs\public\" +0x010 Volume : _UNICODE_STRING "\Device\Mup" +0x000 Length : 0n22 +0x002 MaximumLength : 0n22 +0x004 Buffer : 0xb3497f88 "\Device\Mup" +0x018 Share : _UNICODE_STRING "\;LanmanRedirector\;Z:0000000000126563\fs\public" +0x000 Length : 0n96 +0x002 MaximumLength : 0n96 +0x004 Buffer : 0xb3497f9e "\;LanmanRedirector\;Z:0000000000126563\fs\public" +0x020 Extension : _UNICODE_STRING "" +0x000 Length : 0 +0x002 MaximumLength : 0 +0x004 Buffer : (null) +0x028 Stream : _UNICODE_STRING "" +0x000 Length : 0 +0x002 MaximumLength : 0 +0x004 Buffer : (null) +0x030 FinalComponent : _UNICODE_STRING "public" +0x000 Length : 0n12 +0x002 MaximumLength : 0n12 +0x004 Buffer : 0xb3497ff2 "public" +0x038 ParentDir : _UNICODE_STRING "\" +0x000 Length : 0n65524 +0x002 MaximumLength : 0n65524 +0x004 Buffer : 0xb3497ffe "\" Length member of ParentDir is 65524 -> (-12) which is length of FinalComponent. Thanks, Rajendra.
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13 May 17 03:34
Petr Kurtin
Join Date: 25 Sep 2008
Posts To This List: 173
Probable bug in FltParseFilenameInformation

I know about two bugs related to ParentDir member (post-create): 1. There's a bug on Win7 x86/x64 if you open a file with FILE_OPEN_BY_FILE_ID (you can check Data->Iopb->Parameters.Create.Options). In this case, ParentDir is bogus and you should clear this variable. 2. XP bug when Share member is included in ParentDir ( In this case you need to repair ParentDir manually (using Share member)
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