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17 Mar 17 10:10
David Mary
Join Date: 05 Jan 2017
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Automating Windows Dev Center Attestation Signing

Greetings, Has anyone here heard of or managed a way to automate attestation signing using Windows Dev Center? There was a REST API for sysdev that was shut down in November, according to the site. I have been assuming something similar would appear for Attestation signing on Windows Dev Center but haven't seen any thing. The current manual process is impacting our ability to maintain automated builds for our software kernel drivers and I'm wondering what other may know or have done here. Is this a problem for others? I haven't read much recently about this so I thought I'd pose the questions. Maybe this is a non-issue and we're missing something. We've injected a manual process to manage the signing but would love to hear about a means to fully automate this... Cheers! Dave
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17 Mar 17 10:29
Eric Berge
Join Date: 17 Oct 2011
Posts To This List: 17
Automating Windows Dev Center Attestation Signing

I've attempted to file a ticket with Microsoft to get info on when this will be provided on the new portal. So far I have no response on that. If you can, it would be great to get more people asking Microsoft about this so they knows it's important to replace this soon. But so far all I've seen is what you've seen, the removal of the old REST API and no specific information on when it will be supported in the future, just the following statement: "APIs for driver submissions are under consideration for a future release" I've put together scripts to drive the HLK tests and for me this is the last piece to have a completely automated script to run the HLK tests, create the submission, upload the submission, and download the signed drivers. Eric [Can someone from Microsoft on this forum post information on the status/plans on a REST API to upload submissions (HLK and Attestation), monitor the status of the submission, and download the resultant signed drivers?]
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20 Mar 17 10:32
Gabe Jones
Join Date: 19 Mar 2012
Posts To This List: 45
Automating Windows Dev Center Attestation Signing

+1 on this. Our process is currently significantly more error-prone and arduous because we have to do so much of this stuff by hand each release cycle.
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