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14 Mar 17 15:53
ashish kohli
Join Date: 29 Nov 2014
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miniport halt not getting called during surprise removal

Hi Experts We have a cisco protocol driver. We install our virtual miniport driver. if cisco protocol driver is installed then miniport halt is not getting called during miniport surprise removal. using ndiskd I am dumping the open of miniport instance by protocol driver. here we see datapath as paused and unbind reason as rejected. Any type of help is highly appreciated 0: kd> !ndiskd.mopen ffffe000712ee010 OPEN Ndis handle ffffe000712ee010 Flags [Unrecognized flags 40000000] USE_MULTICAST_LIST, OPEN_WRAPPED References 1 Show detail Source 1 Datapath state Paused Pause reason Unknown value 0x00000000 Unbind reason Rejected Protocol ffffe00071226010 - MSIDRIVER Protocol context ffffe0006e6a2f20 Miniport ffffe0006eb1e1a0 - XXX Virtual Adapter Miniport context ffffe0006eb218b0
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